Blue 2 3/4 inch

BLUE 70mm

Especially designed shotshells to replace those with lead and steel shot.

Ideal for game shooting and hunting as the special alloy shot has similar softness to lead and deforms slightly on impact, thereby dispatching quarry more effectively.

They can also be used with any nitro-proofed barrel (that is in-proof) and of the correct chamber length, as well as with any choke.

This is particularly good news for the owners of older guns who no longer use lead and cannot use steel shotshells.

There are no ricochets too.

Coming soon: 20 Gauge.

All BLUE shotshells are SP (Standard Performance) except #3 which are HP (High Performance).

Shot comparison chart

Reference Shot Size Gauge Length
mm & inch
g & oz
m/s & fps
BB28 3, 4, 5 & 6 12 70 28 g 1 oz 420 1377
BB30 3, 4, 5 & 6 12  70   30g  1¹⁄₁₆ oz 395


BB32 3, 4, 5 & 6 12 70 32 1⅛ oz 407 1335

*Measured at 2.5m from muzzle (CIP standards)

Load 3 4 5 6
1 oz
 1¹⁄₁₆ oz
1⅛ oz

Four petals wad designed to obtain a perfect dispersion with minimal recoil. The controlled opening of its petals makes it effective at short and long distances. Manufactured with the latest technology in fully plastic-free compostable biopolymers. Injection-molded with the latest generation machinery which guarantees its quality and compatibility with any shotgun.

The most reliable and regular primer on the market for perfect loads.

Premium double-base powder made in the U.S. especially designed to ensure maximum shooter comfort. It generates extremely high speeds at low pressures, making it easy to track the target by shooting more than one shot.

Using this ammunition you are committed to the sustainability of hunting, the care of the environment and the preservation of the hunter’s way of life for future generations. Respect and tradition are the values that support us.

Lead-free pellet with high performance and high lethality. Hardness and deformation very similar to lead. It does not produce ricochets. Made in Europe.

Manufactured by BIOAMMO with the latest generation biopolymer technology. Compostable and 100% plastic-free. BIOAMMO is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of compostable ammunition, and is the only company in the world that produces it. The BIOAMMO engineering team is dedicated to the continuous research and development of alternative and environmentally sustainable materials. BIOAMMO is also the only brand of ammunition that uses biopolymer materials that have their respective OK COMPOST certifications.

All BIOAMMO products have been patented in 56 countries that guarantee their exclusivity and legal protection. This distinction highlights the innovation and attractiveness of our products by giving our customers the confidence to purchase unique products, manufactured in Europe and of high quality.

One of the key features of BIOAMMO products is that it does not produce rebounds. This means that when the shot occurs you won’t have to worry about the pellet going in an unexpected direction. This distinguishing feature of BIOAMMO products prevents it from being dangerous and causing injury. Thanks to ANTI-RICOCHET you will have total control at all times.

All BIOAMMO shotshells have been subjected to rigorous lead testing and validated with excellent results. These tests were carried out by specialized experts who confirmed the high precision and effectiveness of our products. The results of these rigorous tests have determined a high consistency in the dispersion of the shot and the ability to reach targets with great precision. With the validation of the shot tests performed, you can rely on the effectiveness and reliability of our products.

All shotshells that are below 750 bar, and in the case of steel, those that have a pellet size of #4 or a smaller diameter, will always be considered Standard Performance, provided both conditions are met.

Perfect Dispersion is a feature that characterizes and endorses all of our cartridges, for both clay shooting and hunting.

What makes BIOAMMO shotshells unique?

  • They are completely plastic free.

  • The manufacturing process guarantees maximum consistency with the loads.

  • All product ranges use double-base Premium powder.

Discover for yourself what makes BIOAMMO so innovatory!

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