Blue 67mm

BLUE 67mm

Especially designed cartridges to replace those with lead and steel shot.

Ideal for game shooting as the special alloy shot has similar softness to lead and deforms slightly on impact, thereby dispatching quarry more effectively.

They can also be used with any nitro-proofed barrel (that is in-proof) and of the correct chamber length, as well as with any choke.

This is particularly good news for the owners of older guns who no longer use lead and cannot use steel cartridges.

There are no ricochets too.

Coming soon: 20 Calibre

All BLUE cartridges are SP (Standard Performance) except #3 which are HP (High Performance).

Shot comparison chart

Reference Shot Size Gauge


mm & inch


g & oz


m/s & fps

CB25 SP** 3, 4, 5 & 6 12 67 25 g ⁵⁄₆ oz 420 1377

*Measured at 2.5m from muzzle (CIP standards)
**SP: Standard Performance

Load 3 4 5 6
25 g

What makes BIOAMMO cartridges unique?

  • They are completely plastic free.

  • The manufacturing process guarantees maximum consistency with the loads.

  • All product ranges use double-base Premium powder.

Discover for yourself what makes BIOAMMO so innovatory!

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