Welcome to Bioammo Technologies

Since 2008 Bio Ammo Ltd has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of biodegradable ammunition.

BioAmmo’s mission is to manufacture the best quality cartridges in the market and to help to eradicate pollution and toxic contamination of the environment by plastics, especially as currently there are between 45 and 60 billion conventional plastic cartridges and wads that have to be disposed of or that despoil our planet every year.

For too many years our world has been contaminated with wads from shotgun cartridges, made from plastic or fibre impregnated with bitumen. These single use plastics then remain for centuries or leave even more damaging micro-plastic or Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) based toxic residues when they degrade. Fibre wads disintegrate but often leave an oil-based residue. Then there are the plastic casings that, even though many can get recycled, still increase the amount of plastic in the world and will ultimately have to be disposed of in some way!

BioAmmo has now found an ecological solution to this problem that also supports a more sustainable future for Game and Clay Shooting.

A BioAmmo cartridge that uses no plastic at all …. and with premium performance too!

By combining advanced biotechnology, environmental awareness and state of the art manufacturing, BioAmmo has developed a unique product: wads and casings produced from a patented 100% biopolymer material based on materials of vegetal origin, that are of the highest quality, non-toxic, pollution-free, biodegradable and bio-compostable.

Discover and try for yourself the extensive range of our BioAmmo cartridges (that we hold the AAA patent for its use in munitions), designed specifically for Game and Clay shooting, providing maximum quality and optimal performance for any activity – and without any plastic to damage the environment!