The Environmental Impact of Plastic Wads and Cases

Spring 2020 – If ever two images could convey the environmental damage caused by plastic wads and cases, then surely these two photographs do. No doubt this is replicated at shooting grounds all over the world. Thousands and thousands of plastic wads and cases just dumped at this one ground. Many, many millions dumped or added to landfill around the world.

Single-use plastics that will eventually break down into micro-plastics, to be washed into streams and rivers, to be consumed by living creatures, to pass into the food chain and then all the way to the insides of us too.

Shockingly unsightly, completely unsustainable and deeply harmful to the environment and to the image of shooting too.

This must change.

This can change.

Now that BioAmmo has the solution, it is indefensible for more plastic to ever be used in the manufacture of cartridges.

Plastic Cartridge Waste

Plastic cartridge cases and wads dumped on the slopes of the shooting ground

Nature despoiled

Nature despoiled by plastic wads and cases from used cartridges