30 million Cartridge Mountain

March 2020 – An estimated 30 million plastic cartridges in this one «cartridge mountain» at just one U.K. shooting ground. Each year it grows by about 1  million!

They are all single use plastics and elsewhere they are often just buried.

Approximately 200 million cartridges have to be disposed of each year in the U.K..

This is unsustainable especially as BioAmmo has the solution.

0% plastic BioAmmo cartridges that are 100% biodegradable, bio-compostable and non-toxic. Simply bury them or add them to domestic organic waste or put them on the compost heap. Let Nature do the rest!

No more cartridge mountains. No more costly landfill. No more micro plastics to enter the food chain. No more despoiling of the environment. No more single-use plastics for cartridges.