BioAmmo’s Hungarian Distributor, Zn-tech Kft «Gun House» Visits BioAmmo

November 2019 – Everyone at BioAmmo was delighted to welcome our wonderful Hungarian distributors,  Zsolt Kardos and Andrea Csapó, to our factory in Segovia and then on to the Club de Tiro in Madrid to try BioAmmo’s 0% plastic cartridges, with their unique 100% biodegradable wads and cases, for the first time. Guiding them there was the owner of its shooting school, the Olympic medalist and BioAmmo shareholder, Jorge Guardiola, and BioAmmo’s president, Enrique López-Pozas.

Zsolt and Andrea have been enthusiastic supporters of BioAmmo for many years and will be promoting and distributing the cartridges in their home country of Hungary through their well-established business, Zn-tech, and their «Gun House» shop. They will also be distributing to the adjacent countries of Slovakia and Romania.

Andrea and Zsolt with Jorge and Enrique having had a tremendous morning shooting.

Zsolt with Jorge

Andrea with Jorge

First Shipment on its way to Hungary!