R + D + I

Following many years of intensive R & D in association with industry leading companies and research universities, BioAmmo now holds the exclusive world-wide patents for the use of our specifically designed bioplastic material for cartridges, offering a unique combination of strength, flexibility and biodegradability.

As our bio-plastic wads and cases are of 100% organic vegetable plant origin, they therefore do not produce any toxic synthetic molecules or micro plastics that would contaminate the environment – either in water or on land, or adversely affecting flora and fauna. Nor will they affect marine and aquatic life in the way that some wads containing P.V.A. or 4-nonylphenols currently do (even at relatively low levels of toxicity), as these can alter their reproduction parameters including cause sex reversal in fish.

This is why BioAmmo cartridges are now significantly contributing to more sustainable game shooting. They are also reflecting a massive global trend to reduce as much plastic as possible from our daily lives, providing a massive advancement for the Sports and Game sectors.

The performance of our cartridges has also benefited from these years of R & D with, for example, our ergonomically designed cup holder ensuring that the shot (either lead or steel) is expelled from the chamber/barrel with excellent ballistic efficiency, patterning and shortened shot streams.

R & D will continue at our BioAmmo factory with the rigorous testing that also takes place on site, constantly monitoring and improving the performance and usability of our cartridges.

These are just some of the reasons why BioAmmo is the future of Game!

Official Association of Arms Engineers

Bio Ammo SL has a collaboration agreement for technical and legal assistance with the Official Association of Arms Engineers. The Technical and Legal Directorate of the agreement is directed by the Doctor and Arms Engineer Mr. Ángel Molina López and coordinated by the Dean of the Association and Arms Engineer Mr. Enrique Rodríguez Fagúndez.


Andaltec, is a National Technological Center, constituted as a non-profit Private Foundation, dedicated to the execution of R & D & I projects and the provision of Advanced Technology Services in the plastic and related sector. Andaltec was created in 2005 at the initiative of 29 companies and entities. Its statutory purposes are aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector. Today it has more than 110 technicians and professionals on staff and has state-of-the-art equipment for research into new materials, development and validation of new products as well as optimization of production processes.