Saving the environment

Our BioAmmo cartridges are a massive step forward in helping to protect our environment from additional plastic contamination and increased toxicity.

Unfortunately all other cartridges cannot make the same claim and this is an important reason why our BioAmmo cartridges are so special!

Our cartridges will:

  • NOT contain any plastic materials.
  • NOT require any form of recycling that only defers the problems caused by conventional plastics.
  • NOT cause any increase in the toxicity of water when the wads and casings dissolve, that even at 5% levels of toxicity can affect the reproductive and sexual development of fish and other aquatic life.
  • NOT degrade into micro-plastics that will remain in the environment for centuries or enter the food chain that would ultimately affect us humans.
  • NOT require exceptional environmental conditions to biodegrade, for example the extremely high levels of bacteria only really present in sewerage or black water.
  • NOT deform, warp or expand when exposed to damp or “less than perfect” storage conditions.
  • NOT visually despoil the environment with white plastic wads – as they are brown!