As well as having biodegradable wads and cases with 0% plastic that increase the environmental sustainability of Sports Shooting, our Clay cartridges also offer exceptional and carefully balanced performance with great accuracy, patterning, recoil and effectiveness.

BLUE Alloy Shot

Combining alloy-based pellets (non-lead, non-steel) with 0% plastic that is great for the environment and the clay shooter.

BLUE 70mm SP cartridges are suitable for use in all shotguns with the correct chamber length and that are nitro-proofed. Can be used with any choke.

With almost the same effectiveness as lead. Premium performance too and without ricochet.

Coming soon: 20 Cal.

ReferenceShot SizeGaugeLength
mm & inch
gr & oz

m/s & fps


6 & 7127028g1 oz420


* Measured at 2.5m / 8.2ft from muzzle (CIP standards).

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