Andaltec, is the Technological Centre for Plastics located in the autonomous regional community of Andalucia.

Andaltec is a National Technological Centre, established as a non-profit-making private foundation, dedicated to the carrying out R&D projects and providing Advanced Technology Services in the plastics sector and related industries. Andaltec was created in 2005, the initiative of 29 companies and organizations. Our statutory purposes are aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector. Today they have more than 85 technicians and professionals on our staff and have the latest equipment for researching new materials, for the development and validation of new products and the optimization of production processes.

Official College of Armament Engineering

Bioammo has a collaboration agreement for technical & legal assistance with the College of Armaments Engineering. The Technical & Legal Directorate of the agreement will be made by the Doctor and Engineer in Armaments Mr. Ángel Molina López and coordinated by the Dean of the College : Weapon Engineer Mr. Enrique Rodríguez Fagúndez

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