Leave no trace behind

Our ammunition will biodegrade in less than one year under the enzymatic action of naturally occurring bacteria. Conventional plastics last for 450 years.

Why our cartridges are unique:

  • BioAmmo’s cartridge wads and casings are manufactured from a patented 100% vegetable polymer that is not just bio-degradable but, more importantly, bio-compostable too.
  • This means that they will leave absolutely no toxic residue after they have fully biodegraded into carbon dioxide, water, mineral salts and new microbial cellular constituents (biomass).
  • The biodegradation process is clean and odourless as the material is consumed by microorganisms, fungi and algae (abundantly present in the natural environment).
  • Although burying the cases and wads quickens this process, as the latter will be coloured brown, they will not visually pollute the environment either.
  • The metal base is also non-toxic and can be easily re-cycled.
  • BioAmmo’s cartridges can be stored in normal climatic conditions for at least 5 years.
  • Manufactured to exacting standards with state of the art machinery at our purpose built factory and using premium components (the best powder and shot), our BioAmmo cartridges will also ensure exceptional levels of usability and performance.