About us

Bio Ammo LTD operates since 2008 and focuses on the development of innovative solutions using bioplastic materials.

Our aim is to respond to environmental problems that arise in activities involving use of ammunition, like as shooting sports, hunting, security and defence training manoeuvres.

We urge and are committed to save the environment, avoid water contamination and respect fauna.

Our mission is to serve biodegradable and non-polluting ammunition, produced using last generation biodegradable plastics. In the meantime the latest scientific innovations and manufacturing process, carried out following environmentally friendly procedures, reduces the impact on environment to minimum.

Bio Ammo LTD has joined professionals with a great wealth of experience in ammunition manufacturing, weapons engineering and bioplastic injection. Our versatile team includes ammunition and weapons engineers, engineers of bioplastic injection moulding, microbiologists, chemists, physicists and other highly qualified personnel who bring the product of perfection to You.

No matter which weapon you use – our ammunition will suit it as it is of high quality, provides great accuracy and has exquisite finishing.

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