Who we are?

Since 2008 the founder of BIO AMMO SL, Enrique López-Pozas Lanuza and his team, are engaged in the Innovation and Development of biodegradable ammunition in order to eradicate pollution in the tradition of hunting and sports shooting. As a result of our own R & D, we present patents covering all types of ammunition for hunting and sport shooting.

Our mission is to provide a biodegradable and non-polluting ammunition with a performance equal or higher than conventional.

Our commitment is to support the hunting and sports activity by eliminating plastic waste from the field, not contaminating the water and respecting the fauna, using the latest technological innovations and nature friendly production procedures.

The corporate team is led by professionals with extensive experience in the manufacture of ammunition, arms engineering, engineers specializing in bioplastics injection, production engineers, chemists and experts in quality systems. A team of multidisciplinary engineers at the service of the environment and dedicated to the continuous development of products to offer technical solutions to the wide variety of biodegradable cartridges.