Welcome to Bioammo Technologies

Since 2008 Bio Ammo Ltd has been dedicated to development, manufacturing and distribution of biodegradable ammunition.

For many years the lands and waters have been contaminated with used plastic ammunition and its parts. The problem of plastic wastes becomes bigger from one year to another, causing a huge impact on environment.

Our company found ecological solution to this problem. We achieved the goal by combining biotechnology, environmental care and ammunition, brining you the unique product of high quality, product which is non-toxic, pollution-free and biodegradable.

The range of our patented products includes biodegradable pellet for airsoft and military training, cartridge for hunting and shooting sports and biodegradable bullet for firearms.
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Biodegradable ammunition

leave no trace behind

Our ammunition will biodegrade in less than one year under enzymatic action of bacteria. Bioplastics disappear within 1 year, while conventional plastics last for 450 years.

same ammunition, same performance, but biodegradable

same ammunition, same performance, but biodegradable

Our bioplastic is of natural origin and has the same physical and mechanical properties as conventional plastics. Bio Ammo offers the highest ammunition quality and is biodegradable.

save the lake, rivers and seas

Our bioplastics are water repellant, not affected by humidity and don’t dissolve in water.

Our products do not contaminate water.